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Fujian Dehua Zodiac Porcelain Seizes the "Year of the Rabbit" Cultural and Creative Market
【 date:2023-04-20 12:53:12】
      Recently, the "Several Measures to Support the High Quality Development of the" China White Dehua Porcelain "Industry" was released, further promoting the strong design and brand creation of the Dehua County ceramic industry, accelerating the improvement of industrial development, and stimulating new momentum for high-quality development. At the same time, Dehua County has implemented the Dehua white porcelain brand promotion plan to empower the innovative development of the ceramic industry with culture.
      Combining Traditional Culture to Enrich the Connotation of Porcelain Rabbit
As the New Year approaches, more and more ceramic enterprises in Dehua County are launching zodiac porcelain to seize the cultural and creative market of the Year of the Rabbit; Products that incorporate cultural and creative design concepts further shape the brand and enhance market competitiveness.
      Dehua Shunmei Group has launched the "Lucky Rabbit · Lucky Rabbit" gift box, which includes two ceramic cultural and creative works, "Rabbit Treasure" and "Rabbit Dun". 'Rabbit Treasure' is dressed in a Chinese red lucky cloak, holding a red lucky bag in his arms, symbolizing sending blessings to thousands of households; The image of "Tudun" transforms into a modern astronaut, paying tribute to the thriving development of China's aerospace industry, where the millennium space dream is fully demonstrated.
      When designing this product, we deeply integrated ceramic culture with zodiac culture, blessing culture, and other aspects. The blessing characters can be seen on both the body and hands of these rabbits, hoping to showcase a more diverse, colorful 'blessing' culture through our works, "said Zheng Pengfei, General Manager of Shunmei Group.
      Among the numerous Chinese zodiac rabbit porcelain cultural and creative products, the works of Peng Chengxiong, a ceramic art master from Fujian Province, are quite distinctive. He perfectly integrated the Chinese zodiac culture, ceramic culture, and Chinese character culture, and designed a Chinese character shaped "Chinese Rabbit Buddha". At the same time, he also used porcelain carving skills to show two-dimensional lines and structures in three-dimensional form, better showing the overall smooth, round and full visual effect, and presenting a sense of interest similar to hieroglyph from the shape, so that the audience can have unlimited imagination.
      Focusing on Features, Closer to Life Zodiac Porcelain, "Playing" and Creating New Patterns
In addition to combining with traditional culture, many masters in Dehua have also inspired the Year of the Rabbit zodiac porcelain from some well-known images. In Yunyu Porcelain Shop, there are three unique rabbit artworks. They wear flower skirts to show different poses like girls. Among them, the rabbit in blue flower skirts is inspired by the classic shape of famous Hollywood movie star Marilyn Monroe.
      Fujian ceramic master Lin Siqin drew inspiration from the statue of "Wenchang Emperor" by He Chaozong, one of the most representative intangible cultural heritage sites in Beijing, and created the "Rabbit Master" art collection porcelain, with a limited quantity of 99 pieces. The Rabbit Master and the Emperor of Wenchang seem completely unrelated, but in the folk, they all have a similar legend - to drive away the plague, "said Lin Siqin.
      It is understood that in the past, designers mostly created zodiac porcelain based on ornaments. And this year, the rabbit year zodiac porcelain produced in Dehua has shown new features such as daily use, and many daily necessities series have emerged.
      In daily necessities, rabbit elements are often combined with tea sets and tableware. Zheng Yansheng of Quanzhou Shunmei Group has taken a different approach by applying rabbit elements to ceramic incense design. This incense stick design is mainly based on the ancient Chinese mythological work "The Classic of Mountains and Seas", which resembles the rabbit shaped ancient mythical beast armadillo. It is cute and lifelike, looking very trendy and deeply loved by young people, "Zheng Yansheng said.
Strengthening Design and Creating Brands to Boost Industrial Development
      On December 22nd, the "Dehua 'Master IP+' Upgrading and Revitalization Ceremony and New Product Matching Ceremony" organized by the Dehua County Ceramic Office and the Dehua County Industry and Information Commerce Bureau will be held in Dehua. At that time, new products of the Master Porcelain Rabbit zodiac will also be released and an exhibition of the Dehua Porcelain Rabbit zodiac will be held.
      Zhang Zixun, Executive Director of Dehua Ceramic Industry Innovation and Development Research Institute, introduced that since the beginning of this year, the research institute has been continuously exploring the way to enhance the research and design capabilities of Dehua ceramic products, continuously empowering the artistic value and brand value of Dehua ceramics. We hope to let more people know about the diversity and plasticity of Dehua ceramics through this event. In addition to having strong production capabilities, Dehua ceramics also have strong design capabilities. With just one rabbit element, you can see hundreds of different creative products in Dehua. "Zhang Zixun introduced that more than 200 Chinese zodiac rabbit cultural and creative works from more than 30 enterprises and more than 40 masters have been collected.
      In recent years, Dehua has strengthened its brand promotion of top-level design, improved its industrial design level, and promoted product design innovation. It is focusing on shaping the "four in one" brand system and building the "Dehua White Porcelain" brand. At the same time, by building multiple industrial parks, guide enterprises from "single handedness" to "full chain collaboration"; Establish four major scientific and technological innovation platforms, including the Ceramic Industry Innovation and Development Research Institute, to enhance the full chain innovation capability. In the past five years, Dehua has introduced a total of 234 upstream and downstream ceramic industry projects, continuously stimulating the vitality of industrial development.
      At present, Dehua has over 4000 ceramic enterprises with over 100000 employees, and 70% of its ceramic products are exported to over 190 countries and regions. In November of this year, seven departments including the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued ten measures to promote product fashion, brand high-end, digital manufacturing, green production, process standardization, and resource intensification around new products, new equipment, new materials, new technologies, and new processes, and to promote the high-quality development of the "China White Dehua Porcelain" industry.


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